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Fields of activity

Natural Waters Treatment & Purification:
•Drinking Waters Treatment & Purification
•Municipal Waters Treatment & Purification
•Industrial Waters Treatment & Purification

Industrial Water Management - Power and Steam Plants:
•Cooling Waters – Cooling Towers
•Boiling Waters – Low Pressure and High Pressure Boilers

Industrial Wastewater Treatment & Purification from:
•Oil Refineries – Waste Waters and Oil Emulsion Breakers
•Mineral Processing
•Mining and Metallurgy
•Paper and Fiber Board Production
•Textile, Leather and Tanneries

Sludge and Cake Dewatering:
•Oil Refineries – Oily Sludges
•Municipal Sludge Dewatering
•Industrial Cakes Dewatering

Paper and Fiber Board Production:
•Flotation & Fiber Separation
•Retention Aids & Sizing
•Dyeing and Whitening

Dust Suppressing of Mineral & Coal Stockpiles

Technical Assistance and Consultancy

Laboratory Tests and Plant Trials for Reagent Selection:

•Water Purification;
•Sludge and Cakes Dewatering;
•Dust Suppressing

Engineering and Industrial Units for Reagent Preparation & Dosing
•Installation for reagent dissolving and make-up solution preparation
•Dosing units and pumps

R&D Evaluations and Feasibility Studies, Projects, and Tender Documents

Training Courses