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Reagents on sale

Aluminium Sulphate – ALUM - Liquid and Powder Grade- on stock
Poly Aluminium Chloride – PAC - Liquid and Powder Grade- by order
ALSUL –   Mixed coagulant&flocculant on the base of Poly Aluminium Sulphate doped with PolyDADMac – liquid grade – on stock
ALSYL –    Mixed coagulant&flocculant on the base of Poly Aluminium  Chloride doped with  PolyDADMac – liquid grade – by order
MAGNAFLOCWide range high performance anionic and non-ionic synthetic polymer - flocculants with different molecular weight and ionic charge found very effective application in solid/liquid separation processes - on stock
MAGNAFLOC LT - Wide range high performance synthetic polymer - flocculants with different molecular weight and ionic charge and high purity produced to meet health standards for purification of drinking waters, food, drugs and sugar production - by order
ZETAG -   Wide range high performance cationic polyelectrolyte - flocculants for sewage and industrial effluent treatment supplied in micro bead, powder or liquid form. Typical application includes – Primary Sedimentation Processes, Sludge Dewatering, Sludge Thickening, Phosphate Removal - on stock
MAGNASOLTypical range cationic and anionic synthetic coagulants and flocculants found very qualified application in the treatment of sewage and industrial waste waters. Special products are so called “bloc flocculants” used with success in direct purification of underground mine waters - by order

The ZETAG, MAGNAFLOC and MAGNASOL series of products are being increasingly used in a wide variety of industrial effluent processes – including treatment of industrial effluents arising from food processing, the leather and textile industries and etc. In some cases treated with them effluents can be effectively clarified for subsequent discharge or even recycling purposes.

BURST -   General purpose silicon and non-silicon antifoam agents used with success against foaming in different effluents, for drilling fluids, injection water and process fluids treatment - by order
IRGATREATWide range high performance powder and liquid grade scale inhibitors, sludge conditioners and corrosion inhibitors for low and medium pressure boilers and cooling systems, also biocides - by order
DRIMAX – High efficiency surfactants used in oil&water based systems. Different grades are available for drilling, extraction and process fluid treatment – Foaming, Lubrication, Dispersion, Wetting, Demulsification, Cleaning and Degreasing. Also used for filter cake dewatering in filtration - by order
ALCOTAC A range of organic binders for all mineral agglomeration, including pelletisation and briquette application. Alcotac DS is a dust suppression product designed to improve the environment by preventing wind erosion losses - by order
PROCOL An extensive range of flotation reagents for both sulphide and non-sulphide minerals including collectors, frothers, depressants and modifiers - by order
PERCOL – Polyacrilamide based high efficiency retention aid - by order
ORGANOPOL – A range of retention aids developed for DIP/TMP/CTMP and highly contaminated stocks where normal retention aids have no effect - by order 
WHITENERS – Chemical reagents used in paper production – by order
PERGASOL – Synthetic dies used in paper production – by order