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Since 1973 Prof.Dr.Eng. Rumen Kanev has been working as Chemical Engineer and Scientist in the fields of mineral processing, mining and metallurgy, and production of aluminium salts and chemicals for water purification. He is a member of some well known international organization as ICSOBA, IWSA, IWWA, IAMM and Bulgarian Water Association.

In 1992 the civil engineering & consulting company - Compact Consultants Ltd as a subsidiary of COMPACT HOLDING in Bulgaria has been founded. In 1995 Compact Consultants Ltd almost created a stable business relation with Allied Colloids – Great Britain, CIBA- Swiss and CHIMEXIM - Romania, and in 1999 – 2001 with KEMWATER CRYSTAL - Romania, and SASOL – Republic of South Africa.

Meanwhile Compact Consultants Ltd  is a main supplier and consultant for industrial usage of Aluminium Sulphate, PolyAluminium Chloride, different types of flocculants, flotation and other chemical reagents finding highly qualified application in water purification and sludge dewatering, in paper and textile Industry, in mining industry, in metallurgy and mineral processing, pharmacy and other municipal and industrial fields in Bulgaria.

In Compact Consultants Ltd  are employed 10 permanent staff members in  sales, marketing and logistics, technical evaluations, production and consulting activities and about 40 high professional scientists, engineers and technicians as a part time employee in Joint Venture Projects.

In Compact Consultants Ltd has been developed more than 250 projects for drinking, municipal and industrial waste water treatment and sludge dewatering, oil emulsions breaking, retention system in paper and fiber board production, flotation of mineral ores, purification of process solution in production of non-ferrous metals, dust suppression of dusting stockpile surfaces and others in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and Kazakhstan. The company has been established permanent business contacts with most of the Customers in these countries.

Today Compact Consultants Ltd is a well known dynamically developed company. Its image is based on the correct relations and direct cooperation with it’s contragents and partners on the base of mutual interest.